International Bottom-UP Fundraising Campaign

December 29, 2001

Dear Friends

In follow-up to my last piece, we would like to begin a process of engaging the International community in a major fundraising drive to put Millions of dollars into "bottom-up" pecaemaking between Israelis and Palestinians.  In order to do this successfully, we must come up with a sound strategy and plan for what could be done with large amounts of money.

We would like to invite your creative thinking and suggestions for a comprehensive plan of action aimed at having a significant impact on changing public opinion in Israel and Palestine in support of Israeli-Palestinian peace and in creating critical masses of Israelis and Palestinians to engage together in this effort.

Suggestions for actions, programs and activities can be aimed at uni-national work - in each community separately as well as in cross-boundary activities involving Israelis and Palestinians together.

We welcome your ideas.  We promise to share the results of this request with all of you.